A Living Revision

Well, now. You've stumbled down an interesting rabbit hole to end up here. I suppose the question to answer would be: "who is Kaitlin Dyer?"

Since you're curious, I'm an American poet with an appreciation for the second person point of view. Yeah, my works have been in cool publications like Midwestern Gothic, PANK Magazine, and Poetry International, among others. I've also authored the chapbook Alter Lives of Alter Egos.

But why live in past works? I'm thinking about the present and the future. I'm thinking about projects yet to come. I'm thinking of this website as a placeholder, a pin, a promise to creative forces.

So, check back in on me, won't you? Let's see what we can get into.

"When you write you invite a reader to look in through a window on everything—and to feel, taste, hear, smell, participate with what is there. You can explain, but mostly you point out, part by part, and the sweep of the whole."

—William Stafford